Monday, February 10, 2014

It's all about the Bay!

 My gosh, 10 years old! Hard to believe! I made homemade cinnamon rolls for her birthday breakfast! So yummy!!! (Go try Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Roll recipe...YUMMERS!)  We didn't have any candles, so we used sparklers! LOL

 Them we made chocolate dipped Oreo cookies for her to take to school the next day. Those things are GOOD too! Very rich though.
 Later that day we went to Red Lobster to celebrate with lunch!
 Mimi and Pa got her a Melody Harp. She really loves this.

 Her birthday party was celebrated the next weekend. It was an ocean theme. I love how it turned out.
 These little birds were made by Jery (with some help by BayLea) using shells we found in Mexico.
 We went to Angelo's to paint pottery first. They worked so hard on their pieces.
 And then home for cake and ice cream! Love the cake.

 Grandma was here for her birthday!
 And so were Mimi and Pa.
 They had cotton candy too...of course. They love that.

Here she is at almost one year old, and at 10! Boy oh boy, what a girl!! Love her very much.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


 One beautiful Monday off, I took the kids up skiing for lessons. They got lucky and were the only two in the group. They had a great time, and learned a lot. They are a solid Level III skier, according to Mo, the instructor. They learned to skate backwards, and they learned to ski between the instructors legs, by squatting way down.

 Then the following weekend we all went up skiing. We had a beautiful day. We just paid for the Easy Rider lift tickets, which just takes you on about three easy runs. Jery did VERY well, and I think that skiing finally clicked for him. He fell as he got off the lift a couple times, but after that he became very solid and had a great time.

We all skied too slowly apparently for Breccan because we rarely saw him, except him going up the lift as we skied down, or him going down as we took the lift up!