Wednesday, June 29, 2016

March 2016 Happenings

 It was all about volleyball this month. She had a great time, learned a lot and even played a huge part in beating the number one, undefeated up-till-then team!
 Breccan was going to get the Ownership of his Learning award at LOM, and because it was a surprise, Bay and Jery hid along the wall, while the kids filed in. Breccan walked right by them and didn't see them. We knew if he did see them, he'd know he was getting an award. He's been waiting forever to receive an award. He deserved the ownership award, especially when it comes to reading.
 Right after his name was called...
 And receiving the certificate from his teacher.

 And this is him reading in my room before school.
 Ready for try-outs for baseball. He looks so so so grown up here.

 BayLea and her coach after her last tournament. DeAnne was great, and told us that she would work one on one with BayLea any time that Bay wants to. (we have since taken her up on this offer and she has been working with her this summer).
 St. Patrick's Day.

 Family fun night on St. Patrick's Day at OMMS.