Friday, August 30, 2013

Blue Mesa Boating!

 I really love this shot of Jery and Breccan!

School Days 2013-2014

 2nd Grade!!!
 4th Grade!!!

 I always take this picture. I should hunt down the past years too!
 BayLea with Mrs. Stewart, her teacher. Gonna be a good year!

 A friend of mine at school had this cute frame, and had me take pictures of her students with it. So I borrowed it for my own little ones! I LOOOOOVE them!

 With Mr. Ventling's snake, Medusa.

 Breccan and Mrs. Kellerby, his substitute teacher until his regular teacher comes back from maternity leave.
 Love these!!!!

 Took the above picture a couple days before school started...I thought it summed up how we were feeling about going back to work/school. Seemed like a super short summer!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Grand Lake Wedding, Part 4 Reception Time

What can ya's a reception!!!

 Photo booth photos