Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Busy Life as usual! :) Life from August and September 2015

 Meet the Teacher night at LOM. Breccan has a 'new to our school' teacher, Mrs. Weatherly.

 First day photos. I can't believe grade 4 and grade 6!

 This little girl was so nervous for her first day at OMMS. I kept telling her she would be fine. She was lucky...when I went to junior high, there wasn't a 'back to school' night to meet the teachers, and there wasn't an orientation a few days before that was run by the 8th graders, and there wasn't a school visit at the end of 5th grade. I went in knowing nothing. She had all these opportunities. She had her schedule early, we got to walk around and meet all the teachers the Friday before school started. But she was still nervous (which is normal), BUT she had a FANTASTIC first day, and continues to have great days. She loves her classes, changes classes, and having a locker. I have been SO SO SO SO pleased too, with the school and the teachers.

 Bye, baby girl. Have fun in 6th grade!!!!

 Pa's birthday at the cabin.

 Mimi making some seriously YUMMY chili rellenos (sp) and homemade green chili.
 The kids jumping off this really high platform onto a big air pad at Peach Fest

 Ethan started his 2nd year at Colorado University. He's such a neat young man.
 Mimi and Pa on the 55th anniversary.
 Breccan rode his scooter part was to school. Jery dropped him off about a 1/2 mile down the road.

 The best part of the lunar eclipse was that it happened when we could actually see it without having to get up in the middle of the night. :)

 BayLea's first orchestra concert. She looked SO DARNED cute, even in an outfit that really isn't her style or look.

 Her daddy helps her with soccer, as best as he can, having not been a soccer player. :) Love them both. And the one not pictured, too, my boy. <3 p="">