Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

4th of July

 We spent the 4th of July at the cabin with mom and dad, Josh and Jason, their significant others, and a set of their friends each. BayLea and I made this top for BayLea before we left.

 Fishing, fishing, fishing. It's all the boys do.
 Oh and our cool dude, Ethan, was there. Leah had to work, as always. She has since quit her job, so now maybe she can become part of our family again.
 We drove down to Gunnison to watch fireworks. Amazing rainbow action.
 And fireworks! Although the fire works weren't as good as they probably could have been, they were still beautiful! They had had a pretty good rain shortly before they were supposed to start the fireworks, and the fuses apparently got wet. But it was fun.

 Ethan is such a good big cousin.
 We bought a new game to play in the camper. It was fun! We stayed in our camper in the lot below the cabin. It gave us a place to go when the rest of them wanted to stay up late and drink and party! LOL

 I rented a wide angle lens. It's totally fun to play with (if anyone wants to buy me one, I'll take it!!!).

 A compound bow that Jason's girlfriend's daughter left up there. It'll be for use when we go up there. Breccan was beyond happy.

 Breccan loves his Uncles.
I shot this one night after we went down to our camper to go to sleep. I looked up and saw how beautiful the cabin looked up there in the night sky, with the illuminated flag waving in the wind. We might enlarge this for the cabin.