Friday, August 22, 2014

Life as we know!

Our life is revolving around this right now. It's crazy busy, and we are rarely home during the week, and sometimes it's hard to get it all accomplished (dinner, homework, housework, etc), but I wouldn't trade it. The kids are learning so much, and BayLea, at least, is loving every minute of it. Breccan right now isn't too sure. But man, he's a good player! They both are. And I love to watch them play.
 The photos of Breccan in this post was during a Fire FC WSSL round robin scrimmages where they played four 30 minute games back to back. Two hours straight of soccer. Breccan was goalie in the above picture. He had several scores against him, but he also caught several, and they were hard could hear the thump as it hit his chest.
 Here Bay is just at practice, but is scrimmaging against the other United team. This is her buddy, Isabel, who was her pre-k friend, and they stayed in touch for several years after pre-k, then Isabel showed up on her Dandelion team a couple years after that. Now they are both playing United, but are on opposite teams. That's okay; they practice together a lot.
 Here is BayLea driving it down the field, which resulted in a goal! Yay my girl!

 Breccan also played against the girl WSSL teams. Those girls are good, and they gave Breccan's team a run for the money.

 BayLea's coach is really nice, and we loved her coaching style. She told us in the parent meeting that the only reason a girl may be benched is if they "pull attitude, or if they decide to have a fit and yell at the other players or the ref". I told BayLea this, to which she responded, "I would NEVER do that!" which I knew...I really think this is going to be so good for her.
They do lots of running activities, and lots of stretches and strength building.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back to School 2014!

 School started early here...August 4. Wow. Can't believe it. Breccan is in Mrs. Rudolph's classroom, which we are THRILLED about. And so far, he is loving 3rd grade. That's the first time I think I've ever heard him say how much he loves school. Granted, so far it is because he can: take his shoes off, eat any time he wants to, sit on his desk, etc. All this can happen until they can't handle it! LOL Then all those perks go away. However, I still think he'll have a great year. Mrs. Rudolph has raised three boys and she understands that some times, boys will be boys! LOL Plus she's a fantastic teacher! I love her. Bay still considers her her favorite teacher.
 This year Bay has a new to our school teacher. Mrs. Kahler. We so far love her too! Full of energy, super nice, and loves reading! Bay says she's funny, and that she told them that when they wash their hands, they must use soap and that they weren't to just put their hands under the running water to give the germs on their hands a little swim. BayLea thought that was funny.
 After meet the teacher night, Cousin Roger came by for a short visit. What a nice guy he is. Breccan loved him.

 Roger and his girlfriend, Kellie.

 Of course, my little money hound convinced Roger that he needed help with his bags, and that it was a $1 a bag, and Roger paid him. Unreal!  :)

 Okay, so now it's the morning of the first day of school. It proved to be one of the wettest day on record in Grand Junction, with rain pouring down most of the day.
 3rd Grade.
 5th Grade. My last year having BayLea at my school.  :(

 I always get a picture of the kids under this sign on the first day of school. This year we needed an umbrella.

 And there he is, day one in the intermediate wing of LOM.
 Soccer also started the week school started. BayLea practices from 4:45 - 6:15 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday...

 She's going to learn and grow so much this year.

 And Breccan has practice and player development on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

 I'm excited to see his growth too this year.
It's going to be a busy, busy fall in the Sparks' household!