Monday, March 7, 2016

January 2016

 Basketball started for Breccan in January. This little team made a lot of growth as a team, learning to support each other and play as a team. They might not have won many games, but they learned team-ship! :)

 I do believe that indoor soccer is one of my favorite things to watch. So much fun.

 Can't believe this girl is 12 years old. Wow. Where does time go??

 On her birthday, we had a few presents for her to open before school. Even Breccan got up, even though it was before 7:00 a.m. She leaves the house at 7:10, so it was early.

 Pulled her out of school for a lunch out. We ate at Dragon Treasures. I don't think the school gave us an excused absence for the one class she missed. Oh well. Life will go on with an unexcused absence from school.

 One of the things we got her for her birthday was a workout outfit. She looked super cute.
 We ate an early dinner at Roadhouse, and then she had volleyball practice.

 We forgot to open mimi and pa's present in the morning, so one more present in the evening.

 Her birthday cake.

 We had a friend come over and paint with them. They really enjoyed that.

 Their paintings.

 She has become a very good volleyball player. She even got on her third tournament, the VIP pin from her coach. You could really see on that day how everything clicked for her and she understood what to do, when to do it, and did it well! She was even sweating after one of the games...the one where her team beat the undefeated for three tournaments Montrose team! :)