Tuesday, October 28, 2014

OMG The Boy is 9!

On his birthday morning, he got up to some balloons hanging from his doorway. He thought that was cool.
 And then he found out there might be something in the balloons!
 And there was! Since his 'theme' is Money, there was money!!!
 Quick photo shoot in the garage to make an invitation!

 Dang, he's handsome!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Soccer, of course, and a Trip to Colorado Springs

 Soccer is marching right along. The United Blue Lightening has done really well, winning some and losing some. Most of the ones of losses came to girls who were in an older league, and didn't have a younger league to play our girls. We have played really well, and these are a nice, nice, group of girls.

 Breccan's team has also been a win some lose some team. They don't play as well as a team (kind of a bunch of alpha males...which has been hard).
 Breccan has played goalie almost every game for a chunk of time. He has done really well. It makes mama nervous though.

 My girl, hard at work, learning the 50 states on a blank map for a test. Which she got 100% on. :)
 We went to Denver to see the Chihuly exhibit at the Botanic Gardens. It was beautiful. We also went to see Ethan at CU. We wanted to visit his dorm, and see the campus. Cool place. I've never been to Boulder.
 At the Botanic Gardens, they had a bug guy (emptomologist???). The kids loved this.

 After the gardens, we thought we'd go see the capital building. They loved that too!
 We almost didn't find out that the dome was open. It opened one week earlier. The brochure said it was still closed, and then we happened to visit with a gentleman who said he'd just come down from the dome. So up we went! Beautiful view!
 Then we headed to Colorado Springs to visit Cave of the Winds, the Zoo, and Garden of the Gods.
 Both the kids loved the caves, especially BayLea who really wanted to go on the lantern tour. We decided we would do that some other time!
 They both broke a geode and got crystals!

 The Garden of the Gods was beautiful, but the kids didn't love it because it wasn't a climbing place.
 But dang, they're cute!

 Oh, the zoo! So much fun fun fun! The giraffes were a huge hit!

 And we met up with Chad, Ashley, and Brooke! BayLea loved being the 'big' cousin, and Brooke was enamored with BayLea. We watched the feeding/training of the otters, and a little later the bears.

 They all got a huge kick out of this oragatan (sp)! When they would put their hand in front of his mouth he would 'kiss' it.
 And then back to the giraffes on the way out of the zoo.

 Cousin Chad getting a giraffe kiss.

 We had planned to go to dinner with Cousin Chad and Ashley, but first we had to go by their house and get jammies for Brooke. While we were there, Breccan got to try on Chad's gear from Afghanistan. It was HEAVY!!!! Breccan loved loved loved loved loved Chad. They talked all things boy...guns, hunting, girls, etc.

 Then we went to the base where Chad works to see the tanks and helicopters. They all loved that too.

Fun trip! I may post some more pictures later...especially of the giraffes!