Wednesday, November 26, 2014


 Basketball is in full swing. They lost their first games this weekend. BayLea was very upset. But it's okay to lose, it's just a game! But it did hit her hard. The next weekend they won both games though. We have two more weeks of basketball, and those same two weeks, she will begin indoor in the morning, soccer in the afternoon! Plus, now she is REALLY wanting to try volleyball...but volleyball through parks and rec is in the spring, which is when soccer is (and soccer is already paid for and committed to...the competitive league is a year commitment). So we will either just put her in camps this summer to learn the game, or sign her up for spring, IF we can get on a team that has practice some nights besides when soccer is. Then if games for both soccer and volleyball overlap, she will have to go to the soccer game. Anyway, I am so thrilled she wants to be in sports, and be active.

 BayLea's very last school program in Elementary school. I'm a bit sad! It's my last year with her at my school! This program was great fun. Lots of dancing (which included the audience) and the Grand Junction Symphony played with them for a few songs.

 Love how much fun she is having!

 Her teacher, Ms. Kahler. She is so much fun!
 BayLea, Sarah, and Mr. Berry.
 Leah came to town! We hardly ever have her here anymore. So she came to lunch with the kids.
 Mimi came too.

 And they are little nut cases when they are together!

 But I love the true love they have for each other. I think they'll always be good friends.

 Had to have my camera worked on. I was testing it out, and thought it was good to go. But I had a photo shoot a few days later, and had almost NOTHING in focus. Talk about embarrassing. Had to reschedule the shoot, and I sent back the camera to be worked on again. I hope it comes back perfect, because I can't afford to upgrade.

 Veteran's Day at school. We really celebrated our Vets. This was our wall of fame. If I had been on the ball, I would have included more family members on this wall. Grandpa Sparks, Jerod, my grandpa, and I'm sure there are more. But life was busy, and all I got up was Chad.
Happy November everyone!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Start of Basketball, the End of Soccer, and a Boy's Money Birthday!

 BayLea had her first game. She played SOOOOOO well. I was immensely proud of her. She had 10 points, and just played like a basketball player! Awesome work little girl!
 Her friend Sarah and her mom and sister came to the game. It was so nice to see them there, so bright and early on a Saturday. Hayley loved watching basketball and wanted to get on a team!
 Later that same day, BayLea had her last soccer game of the season. They won their game, and she had a blast!

 Her teacher came to this game. So nice of her to take time out of her precious weekend time to come and watch. I know it meant a ton to Bay.
 BayLea and her Coach. Great coach. We really like her.
 And then it was time for Breccan's birthday party. We began at Bananas (again!). Breccan and his friends helped us spend a couple hundred dollars on video games, and laser tag and laser maze. It was fun though to watch them.

 Breccan's oldest friend, Ryland, from pre-k always comes too. He's such a nice kid!

 Waiting their turn for the laser tag game.
 Sarah came with BayLea so she'd have something to do.

 Fun, fun, fun!
 And then we went home for dinner and cake (what WAS I thinking????). He had a $100 bill cake, and lots of fun money themed decorations.

 His friends, big surprise, went along with the theme, and everyone gave him money (which is what he was hoping for!).

 Mimi always gives BayLea something on Breccan's birthday, and Breccan something on BayLea's birthday!
His cash... and his money clip from mimi and pa!