Tuesday, October 11, 2016

nice wool blanket


This blanket is going to come in so handy for cold sports games for my children. So many soccer games are freezing in the spring season and it's starting to get cold for fall soccer season. It came in very handy the other day during an unseasonably cold game, and kept us very warm. It's very large and fits over me and my husband's lap. There are directions included to wash the blanket and because it is wool, it would be best to follow those directions. I haven't tried to wash it yet, as I have not needed to. There is a slight smell to the blanket, but I did not notice that smell at all while I was using it. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.


Saturday, August 6, 2016

June...at the Cabin, Father's day and in Mexico

 We had a weekend at the cabin with Uncle Josh, Uncle Jason, and Ethan. Of course, Mimi and Pa were there too.

 Breccan did some fishing.
 BayLea did some driving.

 After an afternoon of swimming, BayLea let her hair naturally dry without combing it. She had also put on these shorts and shirt. I looked at her and thought, "Man, she looks beautiful!" So I begged her to let me take pictures. She finally relented and we had a great time, taking beautiful photos of my girl.

 Father's Day...Daddy wanted to golf, so we did that in the early afternoon.

 Then we went to the pool to cool off.

 And then he put together the Treager we bought for him. :)

 On Memorial Day, I took the kids to the Veteran's Graveyard to place flags on random grave stones. Breccan got a little emotional about it...finding it to be pretty sad.

 The kids and I went to the cabin just for a night...Daddy had to work the next day. We had a nice, relaxing time. BayLea and I watched a movie, while Breccan read for three hours.

 The baseball end of season party was up at our pool. Had a great time...
 We always stop in Phoenix for a few days on our way to Mexico. Tried to get Auntie Jill, Lacey and Uncle Scott to come to Mexico with us, but Jill let her passport expire! :/

 Reading in Mexico...this boy of mine.

 Virgin pina coladas.

 The ocean was a little rough the first part of our week there.

 Flying a kite.

 These two... <3 p="">

 A little soccer playing on the beach at low tide.

Goodbye Mexico. See you next year!