Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I've been doing another 365, a photo a day. Hopefully I'll make it the entire year. We shall see. The last time I did this, many years ago, I made it all the way through December and then it all fell apart. So far I'm enjoying it. The kids have been my main subject so far. Here are some that I've taken of them. (sometime when there are more than one of a type of shot, I only picked one as my photo for the day).
Breccan, Mr. Technology Guy.
 Breccan and his DISGUSTING room!
 My overly sleepy husband. He names EVERY DAY for at least an hour, maybe more.
 Homework time.
 Doing some of his favorite chores...poop scooping.

A new Christmas game we got.

 The last day of each month will be a photo of me and the kids. I don't get in very many, so I've decided that at least once a month, I will take one with them.
 I took all of these of BayLea one day while we were heading somewhere, and the light was beautiful, and I needed a photo for the day. We stopped at the cemetery and shot a few.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


The boy let me take his picture. And then he edited it on his own. Here are before and afters:

And this one is my edit. I'm playing with dramatic light this month. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


 Basketball is in full swing. They lost their first games this weekend. BayLea was very upset. But it's okay to lose, it's just a game! But it did hit her hard. The next weekend they won both games though. We have two more weeks of basketball, and those same two weeks, she will begin indoor soccer...basketball in the morning, soccer in the afternoon! Plus, now she is REALLY wanting to try volleyball...but volleyball through parks and rec is in the spring, which is when soccer is (and soccer is already paid for and committed to...the competitive league is a year commitment). So we will either just put her in camps this summer to learn the game, or sign her up for spring, IF we can get on a team that has practice some nights besides when soccer is. Then if games for both soccer and volleyball overlap, she will have to go to the soccer game. Anyway, I am so thrilled she wants to be in sports, and be active.

 BayLea's very last school program in Elementary school. I'm a bit sad! It's my last year with her at my school! This program was great fun. Lots of dancing (which included the audience) and the Grand Junction Symphony played with them for a few songs.

 Love how much fun she is having!

 Her teacher, Ms. Kahler. She is so much fun!
 BayLea, Sarah, and Mr. Berry.
 Leah came to town! We hardly ever have her here anymore. So she came to lunch with the kids.
 Mimi came too.

 And they are little nut cases when they are together!

 But I love the true love they have for each other. I think they'll always be good friends.

 Had to have my camera worked on. I was testing it out, and thought it was good to go. But I had a photo shoot a few days later, and had almost NOTHING in focus. Talk about embarrassing. Had to reschedule the shoot, and I sent back the camera to be worked on again. I hope it comes back perfect, because I can't afford to upgrade.

 Veteran's Day at school. We really celebrated our Vets. This was our wall of fame. If I had been on the ball, I would have included more family members on this wall. Grandpa Sparks, Jerod, my grandpa, and I'm sure there are more. But life was busy, and all I got up was Chad.
Happy November everyone!