Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Playdate last weekend

Breccan has a playdate with his friend, Tyler, from school. They had a good time together, but the fun REALLY started when they brought out the little jeep that actually drove! They loved that!
Here's Breccan learning the ropes from Tyler....

and then he got his turn behind the wheel. I have to say, he still needs some driving practice! He ran into bushes, gardens, and almost hit my car!

I think this one is hilarious! Yes, the car is actually going right now, and neither of them are looking where they are going!

BayLea roller skated some.

And took her turn driving.
Check out the concentration on Breccan's face!

Monday, March 30, 2009

BayLea's first t-ball practice...CSU Rams!

T-ball practice began today, on this crisp, FREEZING day in the spring! I tell ya, it was cold! But BayLea was excited and she showed it! Last year, she cried the first several practices and first couple games. We were ready to pull her out, because I wasn't going to make her do something she hated, but did want her to try it. Then she decided she liked it. And this year, she asked to play t-ball. So here we were out there, on a day that snowed off and on all afternoon! I got several cute pictures of Breccan at the field.
He was so funny talking to people in the dugout. He just goes up and tells people things, like one of his favorites..."Tigers eat trees." Not sure where that came from! He's so cute!

I have a feeling that the coaches this year will be great. Last years was too. My goal for her is for her to have fun and learn the game.

Oh, I love love love these pictures. I pointed the camera towards him as he was all squated out there, ready to play ball all by himself. After I pointed the camera he turned and looked at me...
and I got these two shots. I love them!
I wish Breccan was old enough. He needed to be 4 by May 1st and he's still got a few more months.

Uncle Josh is going to love that she plays for the CSU Rams.

Isn't she just the CUTEST little Ram you ever did see?

She didn't even want to leave the field.

And then she got home, took off her sweats and long sleeved shirt, put her t-shirt back on with a green skirt, and her 'pets'.

Spring time macro photography!

If you can believe it, we got about an inch of snow last night! So I headed out to take a few pictures of the poor flowers trying to survive! It's not too cold right now, so it'll all be gone in a couple hours probably. I would love to hear what people think of this black and white image? Is it any good?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last ones from Curacao

As we drovea round the island one day, trying to get to the beach, we missed the turn and ended up at Shete Boka. We really had no idea what it was but thought we'd join the line of cars heading in.
We were on the North side of the island where the crazy waves were. It really was beautiful.

We went to town one night for dinner. Had a wonderful evening, although the kids were TIRED!
We had a layover in Miami of about 7 hours. So instead of sitting in the airport we got a taxi to Jungle Island. It would have been a 10 minute ride, but the accident involving the pedestrian and the pro football player happened shortly before then so it took an hour, and cost us about $50. Whew! VERY expensive day, but totally worth it. The kids loved it very much!

Funny story about Breccan: When we flew into Miami, we kept saying "We're in Miami". Breccan says, finally, "It's not your ami, or your ami, it's MY ami!" It was totally cute!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A few more from Curacao

Here are a few more from our trip. But they're actually in the wrong order! Sorry! The kids learned to snorkel while we were there. For months BayLea has been talking about snorkeling and wanting to try it. So the ocean on our resort was a PERFECT place to snorkel, we thought we'd try it. At first it was really hard, mostly getting the gear on her correctly so that it wouldn't leak. She got frustrated and decided that she needed to be six to snorkel. So Jery and I went out and there were soooo many beautiful fish that I decided she needed to try it again. She was up for it, so we got the stuff on her again and she took to it right away! She loved the fish, and saw many different kinds, as well as lots of brain coral, that she was fascinated with. As we were swimming along, I looked up and here comes Breccan, just like a little pro. It seemed like it was nothing for him to snorkel. So this is something we'll look forward to doing as a family in the future!

On the day that we drove to the beach Cas Abao, we stopped at a little restaurant. As we were sitting there eating, these college kids got out on the ledge and before we knew it, they had jumped from the cliff! It was about 30 to 35 feet high. So we though Jery should do it too. He was totally up for it (you would have NEVER got me to do that). I didn't get a very good picture of him doing it, showing the height he was at when he jumped, because he thought I said I was ready and I wasn't! But this is what I got! The picture below is of him jumping and the one above is him in the water.

Mom and me on the ledge where we ate.

This is the town of Punda behind us. The town was totally cute. According to the tour guide, at one time all the buildings were painted white at one time. The govenor was always getting headaches from the glare and decided from then on all the buildings needed color. So this is what you get now. It's beautiful. The colors are crazy...houses painted pink and green, red and blue, so many different colors. I cannot picture that happening in the states, but here it looked so cool!

This is the floating pontoon bridge. When a ship needed to go by, the bridge was moved to the side. A motor of some sort moved it, but the bridge itself is on boats...so it floats to the side for the ship to pass by. The part of town behind Mimi, Jery and the kids is Otrabanda, which means 'the other side'. We would have liked to spend more time in the town, but it's hard with the kids.

This is Punda.
A totally cool wall in an alley way in Punda.

On this particular day we had gone to the SeAquarium. We took a taxi from there to town to eat. When we got out of the taxi, this window/wall is what we saw. Breccan says "What's that for?" I said "I don't know". He says, "That's for the Teletubbies!" It looks just like the doorway to the Teletubbies house!

The SeAquarium. I love these little ocean aquariums in small areas. You can get up close to things, like the dolphin show. This was a little glass bottom boat thing that you could see the fish. I totally love this picture of us!