Monday, December 19, 2016

BayLea is Student of the Month!

My girl is student of the month for December. Her teacher told us at the beginning that when it came up for the month, she snagged BayLea before anyone else could!

November 2016

 Breccan had his 5th grade program in November. He looked so DANGED handsome that I had to set up a backdrop and take a picture.

 Saying his speaking part. He did pretty good, not too fast, and fairly easy to understand.

 This dancing with the crowd happened at BayLea's 5th grade performance, and apparently it has become a tradition. (Or maybe it always was...I'd never been to a 5th grade performance before Bay's). Anyway, the last song, they grab people from the audience to dance with them, and Breccan got BayLea out there. It was hard to get a picture, but I got this one, over exposed and blurry.

 Breccan with Mr. Berry.
 The dreaded homework...
 Pretty light pictures... If there is pretty light...we must take pictures. At least according to me.

 This year we did the Operation Christmas Child shoe box project. We had a lot of fun shopping for some boy and girl, and stuffing the boxes.

 Of course, we went overboard...and had to practically SIT on the boxes to make them close.
Next year, I will be more organized and order our labels online so that we can track the boxes afterward. I was last minute, deciding to do it, looking online and finding that we only had a few days before boxes were collected.

 Oh, these two girls...two of my favorite people. So goofy together, and even though there is a pretty big age difference, I think they will always be good friends.

 They do love each other very much. BayLea has always idolized Leah, and I'm so happy that they are good buddies.
 Everyone helping out with the cooking of Thanksgiving dinner.

 The mimi and the pa.

 See that white stuff on Ethan's face? He got BayLea, and then BayLea was afraid to get him, so Mimi got him back with the whipped cream. He is making his famous black bottom banana pie.
 Ethan and Breccan went out to the back of the lot to shoot guns. God, guns are loud.

 And of course, pretty light alert again!
 Ethan's a darned good big cousin to my kids!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

October 2016

 Breccan's birthday is in October! We sure do love that boy!

 I also took Bay's soccer team photos. I think they turned out kinda cool!

 Discussing the ballet this year...what a train wreck this election was. It was hard to make a decision of who to vote for.
 Breccan's 11 year old pictures. I love to shoot with a graffiti background!

 There's a smile from the boy. He doesn't like to smile for me, which drives me crazy, because his real, joy-filled smile is awesome.

 His birthday party was at Get Air again, and surprisingly, they let Pa bring in his cotton candy machine and make cotton candy after the party! :)

Mimi shares the same birthday, and we don't always celebrate her as we should, so this year, before she headed off to Mexico, I brought some yummy cupcakes from a cupcake specialty shop and we had a mini-birthday bash. Those cupcakes were GOOD!