Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Some videos!

Bay's basketball…this first one, the girl playing against her, #3, was a rough player…trying to set blocks and picks but actually just pushing and shoving (actually their whole team was but this one was the worst of them) and Bay here is getting MAD. You can see her almost leap on her at the very end of the video.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


 Had some fog this morning. Made BayLea go out in it…not happily.

 The Bay made a cake!
A new game we played called Tenzi. Fast paced and quick!

 Bay in PE. PE is much more fun than it was when I was in elementary school…all I remember us doing is playing basketball (which I hated), kick ball (which I hated), dodgeball (which I hated). I'm so glad that PE is more fun now, although I know both of my kids would like all of the above mentioned activities that their mom hated.
 Turkey gravy lunch at school. Always a favorite.
We had Wendi Silvano come visit our school this week. She came to my classroom two years ago, when BayLea was in 2nd. I have a picture of her with Wendi, and so I had to have one of Breccan too! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend Fun

 We had a very short visit from cousins, Aaron and Lacey…My kids would have loved to have them here a week. BayLea was super sad when they left after a day and a half…  :(
 Aaron got Breccan involved in a new game…we are having a hard time pulling him out of video games right now! LOL
 I wasn't home when the beds were being prepared, but my girl, Bay, knows how to do it! Choccolate, towels, water and a stuffed critter on every bed!

 Basketball…BayLea didn't make any points this week but she played awesome defense again!

 We checked out the new roller rink in town. They all had a great time. I felt almost like a super star with people who remembered me from Rainbow Roller Rink came up and talked to me! One lady came up out of the blue, and I don't know who she was, and told me that she liked my roller rink better! Ha. Wasn't mine! But I guess I halfway lived there...
 Jill skated, as well as both Aaron and Lacey, BayLea and Breccan.

 Breccan was actually there for a birthday party, and he racked in the tickets to get those very awesome worthless pieces of plastic prizes! LOL
 We also went to a Jam Session. Dad hasn't played for a long time and I know he had a blast. Chris is here, being Chris…staring at dad.

 My sweet friend, Susan…singing extraordianaire, kindermusic wonder-teacher, and super sweet person.

 And this is her nice hubby, who was smiling at her right here.
Then, Taryn, Chris's daughter, tells me she is going to sing the 'cup' song up there. I told her "BayLea sang that at a talent show at school last year." Taryn says "She knows the words??? I'm going to go get her and she can do it with me". Jery and I both said, "well, she probably won't do it, but you can try." Next thing I know, she is up there. You could just BARELY hear her, and probably only Jery and I could hear her since we know her voice so well, but I was so very proud of her for doing it. I told her every time she does that, it will get easier!!! And frankly, a jam session where she doesn't know anyone would be the best place to practice, as all these older people are sooooooo supportive of things like this.

Then when it was dad's turn to sing again, Chris set up his mike for him….guess he forgot that dad is only 6'2" and not 6'8".

Fun weekend!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Basketball Begins

It's a much slower schedule than soccer is, since it's only one night of practice, and boys and girls basketball does not run at the same time. But it's still fun. I'm so glad she loves it. This was game one, which the Islanders won by quite a bit. Bay had only 2 points, but man, did she play some awesome defense, stealing the ball several times! You go, girl!