Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Father's Day 2015 and some Summer Fun Pool Play

 What a goofball. He always is trying to 'photo bomb' my photos, although in this photo he was supposed to be IN the photo because he is a father. I made dinner and took it over to Mom and Dad's and and had Grandpa over too. We had sauerkraut casserole, yum.

 The kids spent a week at Cross Orchards at a Kids Day Camp. They had a great time, and did lots of really neat things, such as building these bird houses, which also included sanding them by hand, as BayLea pointed out.

 I love these two kids. I swear...they melt my heart.
 They made quilt blocks for a quilt someone made...there was a quilt made for each camp. Not sure what happens to them afterward.

 Learning about bees.

 Having some fun in the pool