Saturday, July 27, 2013

BayLea's quilt, made by Mimi

 Mimi is making all the grandkids a quilt. This one is Bay's. I love it. It's too bad that it isn't totally on display in her room, but since she has a loft bed, you don't see it unless you crawl up there. When I do go up there at night to read to BayLea, it's a beautiful's so pretty! Breccan's next...

Jery had a Birthday...the Big Five Oh!

 My Bay Girl loves to decorate for parties. Maybe some day that will be her job!
 These tissue paper balls didn't turn out as good as the ones Grandma
 I had to throw in some polka dots somewhere!

 I don't do cakes...just don't. However, the taste of it was awesome...just looked goofy.
 I made lasagna, and Mimi and Bay made antipasta salad. Both turned out very yummy!
 We bought some of these photo booth props...
 and I mad everyone have a picture taken with it. The big boys were good sports...thanks, Jim and James!

 Breccan's face is hilarious...goes perfectly with what he wanted written on his sticks.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fields of Lavender!

I will not be able to choose which images to put on here, since I got so many of them that blow my mind, so I'm posting them all! BayLea is such an amazing model... I wish I could pick a favorite and enlarge it. Might be hard to do! Thank you to Paola Legarre for letting me use her amazing lavender field. You are awesome!

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July 2013

BayLea looked so darned cute and I wanted to take some really cool pictures when the light was pretty, but didn't get it done. Thankfully I had these two cute snapshots!

 Shucking corn with her dad.

 Chowing down on strawberries...
 Mimi's watermelon cake.
 Secrets, secrets!
 Had a really nice day that ended up at our pool, listening to Pa sing, waiting for dark to watch the fireworks down in the valley. The view was pretty good from our pool!
 Beautiful sunset.
 First time for Mimi in the pool and she loved it.

 Jery got the two of them together for "a picture" and then while they we getting all smiley for me to take the picture, he gave them a big old water splash. Their faces were hilarious!

Our little fireworks show...we were nervous because the area is so dry. We only did a few of them before hitting the hay at about 11:00.