Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sledding...sort of..

Actually got some snow today! And there was more snow out at Mimi and Pa's than there was here on the Redlands. So we packed up and headed that way!

And then of course you must have hot cocoa and toasted marshmallows! Yum!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010!

Christmas time has come and gone...unbelievable how fast time goes!

Mimi and Pa (with my help a little) put together a Winter Wonderland for the kids. They were so surprised and they loved it! 

 Uncle Josh was here for Christmas this kids always love hanging out with him.
 My little Miss Creative made gingerbread people for the Winter Wonderland.
 And she decorated cookies for Santa.
 Breccan isn't too into the crafting thing...he played and then watched a Christmas movie on the ipad.
 Christmas Eve...some final pictures with the tree...

 And time to open their annual Christmas Eve presents, which are always new jammies...
 I was surprised at how they loved them. There was NO complaining that it wasn't a toy!

Christmas morning brought a new kitty...Kringle is his name. BayLea was so cute because the first thing she noticed when she came down was the crate that had the kitty in it, and she said "Oh look. Sassy got a new crate!" and then she noticed the kitten! 

 A cupcake maker for BayLea...
 Legos for Boo Bear.

 Then we headed to Mimi and Pa's...where they bought received guitars.

 Uncle Josh got a new apron from us and some meat rub...cuz he rubs his meat! BEFORE HE COOKS PEOPLE!  :)
 Making a gingerbread house.
 Tuning the guitar.

This picture was DARK...flash batteries went out! Gotta love photoshop! 

 Mimi and Pa. Such a cute picture!

 BayLea made up her own recipe for a fruit salad and dished it up for us for dessert.

 Her gingerbread house.

 Such a long, hard day...
Driving the Wii.

Thanksgiving (a little behind anyone???)

Thought that before I put up Christmas pictures, I should put up Thanksgiving!!!

We went to Cave Creek, AZ for Thanksgiving this year with Jery's family and had a fabulous time!

We stopped to change drivers at Mexican Hat. The sunset sky was throwing some beautiful color. 
 The kids are pretty tired of driving already! They were sooooooo good though.

Finally, we made it to Auntie Jill's house. 

 You gotta love that you can see people riding horses downtown Cave Creek.
 I love saguaro cactus'!

 This is such a cute photo of the kids.
 And this is so cute of Grandma with the girls too, blowouts and all!
 Grandma's feet.
 Aaron is becoming quite the accomplished guitarist! We really enjoyed listening to him play and I wish that someone had had the idea to video it!!!
 BayLea looks so cute and had so much fun playing with Lacey!

Thanks for the fun weekend!