Sunday, June 4, 2017

January 2017

 I set up my light and backdrop to practice. I'm really out of practice. I rarely have time to go shoot photos any more. Wouldn't change that though. Sure do love to take photos of my kids though!

 This is Bay's 13 year old picture. I love it.

 We didn't really have a theme for her birthday. Just happy polka dots!

 She wanted to do the puzzle room, so that's what we did. We ALMOST got out on time. We had ONE puzzle left to do.

 Craziness with friends.

 Breccan at hard work in 5th grade.

 The kids did a group ski deal...I think it was called Free Riders. It wasn't lessons, really, although there was an instructor there. The goal was to get the kids familiar with the mountain, so that they could ski Powderhorn without mom freaking out. They did some black runs, and they are pretty solid skiers now.

This was the first day of Free Riders. From then on, the kids had ski poles.

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