Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July events!

Fourth of July this year was fun, even if we couldn't have fireworks. It helped a lot that Jason, Ethan and Leah were here. 
The kids got a new car and their license!

 Their first car ride, without a parent in the car, was to our house. And then we went to Dairy Queen.
 And later that night, because I knew the sunset was going to be stunning, we took some pictures. It was fun! They are hilarious!

 Happy 4th of July!

 Then because we couldn't have fireworks, I bought a bunch of glow sticks and after it got dark, we oohed and aaaaahed over the glowstick show!

 Family pictures.

 The twins turn 17 on the 9th, and so we had a little birthday party for them while they were in town. It's hard to believe they are 17. Blows my mind! Such nice kids!
And I'm trying another 'month of photos' challenge...I never manage to finish any challenge any more, but i"m trying. This was July 6....sunshine...which we didn't have a lot least not when the light counts like at the end of the day! So I took this shot for my 'sunshine' photo. Today I'm supposed to do a close up. We'll see what I manage for that!

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  1. Great pictures - such a cute family. I love the photo of them flexing their muscles !