Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Days of School

It's hard to believe it's over already. It was just like a blink...

 BayLea's class went on a field trip to the dinosaur museum and downtown. It was really fun! They had a scavenger hunt they had to do and find certain buildings and pick up certain things (leaves from different trees, menus, etc).

 They had a bunch of pianos up and down main street!

 Breccan's class went to the Math and Science Center and to the Botanical Gardens.

 Checking out the meal worms to see which food they preferred.  Breccan's hypothesis was the lettuce "because it is mainly water". It turned out that they liked the cereal first and the lettuce second.

 It was so hot and Mrs. Pearson told them they could run through the was soooooo awesome.

 Field day was a bit chilly, but still fun. The bottle rockets were the hit.

 The last day of school...unbelievable.

 With Mrs. Pearson...goodbye 1st grade.
With Mrs. Rudolph...goodbye 3rd grade!

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