Monday, July 1, 2013

Denver Mini-Trip

Things are going to slow down now!
 The first evening, we met Leah at the skating rink in Ft. Collins. They all had a lot of fun. Leah is quite a good skater!
 And she's awfully goofy too, Can you tell?

 She almost won this little game.

 And my girl looks so grown up and so DANGED cute here!

 The next day we went to the butterfly pavilion in Denver. That was tons of fun. The kids fell in love with Rosie, the tarantula and now, big surprise, want a tarantula. Uh...NO!

 The butterflies were beautiful!

 And then on Friday we went to Elitch's and spent the day. Ethan met us there with his girlfriend. The kids had a blast riding on the rides with them.

 The Boomerang was the favorite roller coaster.

 Bay and I went on the Minderaser, but neither of us loved it. It was little jerky for my taste!

After Elitch's we ate at Steak N Shake. We had yummy, but cheap, hamburgers, and shakes. And then for my final picture I wanted of the kids in their hats, we had a photo bomber in the background. Good ol' dad! :)

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