Saturday, July 26, 2014


 We took this just before we all got wet in the pool! I love it!

 We have a Yogurt place on OM. Very cool. Hope they make it.

And if we monitor the toppings the kids put on, it doesn't cost us $25!  :)

 Blurry pictures but I still like them.

 Breccan has taken an interest in learning photography. So I drug out an older camera (I'd been saving this camera for them some day) and we went out shooting one night. I began to teach him how to shoot manual. The younger you are, the easier it is to learn it. He did pretty well.
 These few are the ones that I took while shooting with him.

 I love how creative he is, willing to get down on the ground.

 The above one, and the bottom two are his. I had him focus on the water, and then I popped the water while he shot.

I love the wide angle of this!

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