Sunday, July 31, 2016

May 2016

BayLea was inducted into the Knighthood, which is OMMS's version of the Honor Roll/Deans list type thing.

 She got a spin from her principal. :)

 Getting her award from Mr. LaDuke.

 Breccan was Horace Tabor for his Colorado Character.

 He did a fantastic job on his presentation.

 BayLea was so sick throughout this tournament, but on the last day when they played for either first or 2nd place, she went and played a short time during the game. They ended up 2nd place. Yay!

 Last day of school with Mrs. Weatherly.
 This girl was super excited to be done with her first year of middle school.
 So we went to the pool to celebrate the summer!

 Whoops, these last two should have been before the pool pictures! :) It's again the last day of school, and the kids made solar ovens and made S'mores.

 And Pa played music...
 did his famous hat trick...
And of course cotton candy!

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