Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Windsor and Ethan's basketball game

We drove to Denver Saturday night. Our plan was to drive on into Windsor, but the kids were DONE with the driving thing. And I'm kind of glad because look at the view we got all the way from Denver Sunday morning to Windsor. Georgeous!

We picked up the twins and went to The Egg and I for breakfast. Good food!

Look at those two nut cases!

And then the real reason we were there was to watch basketball (and buy the kids some novels!). Ethan did sooooo well. I was so excited and so proud to watch him play!

Isn't this cool? He's 13...almost 6 foot, and he's going to get taller!
I'm a terrible sports shooter...just can't get clear, sharp pictures. But I LOVE this picture.

They lost by 1 point, but it was a great game. Ethan did so well, with many rebounds, several assists and 8 points!

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