Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last ones from Curacao

As we drovea round the island one day, trying to get to the beach, we missed the turn and ended up at Shete Boka. We really had no idea what it was but thought we'd join the line of cars heading in.
We were on the North side of the island where the crazy waves were. It really was beautiful.

We went to town one night for dinner. Had a wonderful evening, although the kids were TIRED!
We had a layover in Miami of about 7 hours. So instead of sitting in the airport we got a taxi to Jungle Island. It would have been a 10 minute ride, but the accident involving the pedestrian and the pro football player happened shortly before then so it took an hour, and cost us about $50. Whew! VERY expensive day, but totally worth it. The kids loved it very much!

Funny story about Breccan: When we flew into Miami, we kept saying "We're in Miami". Breccan says, finally, "It's not your ami, or your ami, it's MY ami!" It was totally cute!

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  1. Gosh Kelly, how beautiful! Not only the scenery you got to enjoy but your family as well. You guys are such a beautiful family and you are all glowing with the joy you had on vacation!