Monday, March 30, 2009

BayLea's first t-ball practice...CSU Rams!

T-ball practice began today, on this crisp, FREEZING day in the spring! I tell ya, it was cold! But BayLea was excited and she showed it! Last year, she cried the first several practices and first couple games. We were ready to pull her out, because I wasn't going to make her do something she hated, but did want her to try it. Then she decided she liked it. And this year, she asked to play t-ball. So here we were out there, on a day that snowed off and on all afternoon! I got several cute pictures of Breccan at the field.
He was so funny talking to people in the dugout. He just goes up and tells people things, like one of his favorites..."Tigers eat trees." Not sure where that came from! He's so cute!

I have a feeling that the coaches this year will be great. Last years was too. My goal for her is for her to have fun and learn the game.

Oh, I love love love these pictures. I pointed the camera towards him as he was all squated out there, ready to play ball all by himself. After I pointed the camera he turned and looked at me...
and I got these two shots. I love them!
I wish Breccan was old enough. He needed to be 4 by May 1st and he's still got a few more months.

Uncle Josh is going to love that she plays for the CSU Rams.

Isn't she just the CUTEST little Ram you ever did see?

She didn't even want to leave the field.

And then she got home, took off her sweats and long sleeved shirt, put her t-shirt back on with a green skirt, and her 'pets'.

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