Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hanging with Taylor & Catie at the Pool!

Ah, June! Love having all this free time...to sleep in, to take little trips, to hang with the cousins, to play in the pool! We are really are enjoying having the pool in our neighborhood! We have utilized it quite a few times (and may head there again today!). This time we had Taylor and Catie with us.  Taylor swam lap after lap. Catie wouldn't get in...but Uncle got her for that!

 Ah, this girl, this girl...so very very special to me!

 Oh and my Lil Dude! What can I say. I love him so!

 Catie Renee! You can't just sit on the side and not expect to get wet!

 Mimi and Pa sitting in the shade, reading their books!

 Tay and Uncle racing in the pool!

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