Monday, June 4, 2012

 This monster was outside our hotel. It was HUGE!

 We had a fun time at the water park...Big Surf.

 Breccan managed to 'catch a wave' and rode it almost all the way to the shallow part of the wave pool. After the wave receded, we were like "WHERE'S BRECCAN!" and finally found him in the shallow end!

 I love the Saguaro cactus, and we had to get pictures by one!

 We stopped to eat at this little diner and after looking at the stuff on the walls, the worker told us how this little cafe was the meeting place of the imagination team that put together the movie Cars. This little town played a big part in that movie, with many buildings being replicated for the movie, the owner of this cafe is the model for one of the statues in the movie, and the Cozy Cone Motel was modeled after the Wigwam Hotel.


 We drove forever to see the Four Corners on the way home, and the kids were a bit underwhelmed. Not really a lot to see! They were like "ok, let's go shop!"

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