Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to School 2012

My babies started back to school. Amazing that they are in 3rd and 1st grade! Time flies and it is truly bitter sweet!

Meet the teacher night was the Friday before school started to give the kids a chance to see their teachers. Breccan is in Mrs. Pearson, as BayLea was for first grade. This is where he checks in each day.

 He had to pick out books for his book box.

 And let the teacher know how he'd be getting home.

 Here he is with Mrs. Pearson.

 As part of the morning routine, they put 1 piece of puzzle per day on a piece of card stock for the first 100 days. This puzzle was the puzzle they did when Bay was in first grade. Mrs. Pearson still has it hanging up in the room.

 BayLea is moving over into the intermediate side of the school. She'll be with Mrs. Rudolph for 3rd grade. She's going to do well and have a fantastic year!

 Ooooh, they'll learn cursive this year! Yay!

 Bay and her best buddy, Sarah.  Look at the size of those math books!

 Here we are on the first day of school. I had a pretty nervous girl the night before, with a few tears shed. But she woke up with smiles and was happy this morning. And dang, she looked cute!

 And here's the little man. I can't believe he's in first grade, and all-dayer at school! (You have NO IDEA how hard it was to keep him from wearing all his new school clothes and shoes before school actually started).

 And the door picture. I always take a picture of them by the front door.

 And I always take one of them in front of the sign.

 In line to head in...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that I teach there and can there for their first days!!! As a teacher, I wouldn't be able to do this if they were somewhere else because I'd be having a first day with a classroom of kids too and wouldn't be able to miss it. As it was, I was able to watch Bay head into her class, and when I headed over to Breccan's side to see him, he was just heading into class too.

 Here he is at his desk. What a cutie!

 I took pictures for Mrs. Pearson the first day of all the kids. I wasn't real thrilled with how they turned out, so we re-took them a couple days later (below!).

And here's my girl...I took pictures of the 3rd graders too a few days after school started. This is Bay's picture!

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