Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Month of September

We went to watch the Blue Angels. They are so amazing. The kids parked themselves on the roof of our car, and mostly played instead of watching the Angels. But whatever...Jery and I enjoyed them.

 The ice cream truck dude got smart and delivered ice cream out to the desert!

 This one is my favorite...Fat Albert, flying by Mt. Garfield.

 Part of the discipline learning in 3rd grade this year was called Boot Camp. After the 4 weeks was over of boot camp, they had a celebration and received certificates, and they will soon get dog tags with their names on them. BayLea, later that week, was voted as Command Sargent Major by her classmates. She is doing so well in 3rd grade...she is a leader in her classroom! Yay for my girl!

 Breccan's class read all the Mercy Watson books. Mercy, the pig, loves toast with quite a lot of butter on it. So after they finished the series, they had a Mercy Watson celebration, with toast and butter!


 Breccan's mohawk, which was appropriate since his team is the Hawks!

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