Sunday, October 7, 2012

Final Bee Celebration & Bay's Soccer Practice

 Mrs. Pearson always has a bee celebration at the end of her bee unit. They make 'bee bread'--crushed graham crackers and honey mixed up.

 They play a bee game where they roll the dice and draw the correct parts of a bee body.

 They taste 4 types of honey, including honey still in the honeycomb, a little bit of wax and all! Breccan liked all four types of honey. One was just basic store brand honey, one was wildflower honey, and one was buckwheat honey. They all had a different flavor!


 They also made cute little bee headbands. Breccan looked so cute!

 That night was soccer practice. Look at the face on my girl. All the's so sad the way the Fire Soccer program is run. Some of the teams have played together since they were 3 years old. And some teams, like Bay's team, haven't been together as long, and since they are the new team they get the new girls. Not that that is bad, (Bay was a new girl last year) BUT the problem lies in the games...the teams formed years and years and years ago are VERY good...and the completely crush the Dandelions...CRUSH them! Our girls work SOOOOOOOO hard, and love the game (just look at their faces) but NEVER win and in fact, get beaten so badly. Watching them try so hard, and never win, breaks their hearts, and their parent's hearts. I plan on writing a letter to the league; it is craziness to sit around why your daughter's love of soccer dwindles at each game. Probably nothing will come of it, because the parents of the kids who are on the winning teams are perfectly happy.

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