Monday, June 17, 2013

Camping at Vega Dam

We went camping up at Vega Dam for Father's Day Weekend. We were lucky to get a spot since we hadn't reserved anything.  There were only three spots available by the time we got up there. We rented a pontoon boat for Saturday afternoon. Mimi and Pa came up to ride in the boat with us. Pa was supposed to play the guitar but was being difficult! :) We never got to hear him play!

 This little dude is liking the fishing thing. BayLea doesn't really like it, but will throw in a pole and enjoys reeling it in, but insists that we throw it back.

 "Look, Ma! No hands!"
 Sassy was a bit confused about the boating experience! But she handled it very well.
 I love this picture!

 Happy Father's Day!

The fields of flowers were unreal! We did a mini-photo shoot.

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