Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moab, our first camping trip for Summer 2013!

Okay, it wasn't REALLY camping because we stayed at an RV park, but we wanted  to check out the trailer, make sure all was working correctly. It was and I kind of liked having air conditioning, heat, water, etc. without having to stress out! LOL

 We hiked to Corona Arch. It was hot already by the time we got started...about 10 or so in the morning. I'm sure glad we did the hike though. It was beautiful!

 We thought this pyre of rocks was pretty well balanced.

 I tried to take a picture of us with the arch in the background, but the dog walked in the way at the EXACT moment the picture snapped!

 See those people on top??? They're stupid. Swinging down on that rope! Idiots!

 Later that day we got ice cream. Yum.

 And went to a backyard show. It was fun. The kids really enjoyed it...
 especially when they got to help the musician.

 The next day we walked a little bit into the arches. Beautiful place.

 On the way home we stopped by the river. The above picture is them "not getting muddy".
 ha ha!

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