Monday, August 26, 2013

Grand Lake wedding part 3

 Dianna says she has bawled and blubbered non-stop for the last several weeks leading up to the wedding. She teared up just a bit as she walked down the aisle...but then she was happy and smiling the rest of the time. And then it was Josh who got all teary eyed.

 Wish I knew what was being said here.

 Not yet,'s not time to kiss the bride!

 Photo bombers...

 Ethan looking so handsome with Josh's friends.
 And here he's trying to look short, like Josh's friends.
 Every picture I have of these boys when they were growing up, they are covering themselves because inevitably if they didn't one of them or the other would grab someone else just as the picture was being taken...
 Yes, they are soooo mature.

I was not the official photographer...they asked and I said I just wanted to enjoy. But I couldn't stop taking pictures...everything and everyone was so beautiful! But even if I was constantly snapping photos, at least I wasn't required to get everything. I could take what I wanted...and I wanted pictures of my family.

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