Monday, August 26, 2013

Grand Lake Wedding, part 2

 Fishing while they wait...
 And here comes the boat with the bride and the girls...

 Thad fishing while he waits...Thad was best man.

 Pa, fishing and checking out the boat arriving...
 This child, this child...she melts my heart, and everyone else's too.

 Mike from Oregon...a friend of Josh's.
 Pa got one! A weed that is...
 Ethan and Leah escorting Mimi in...
 Another of Josh's best buds, Ed, officiated the wedding. He did a FANTASTIC job.
 And the groom and his girls come in to "Thunderstruck"...I don't know that song, but it was boring ol' wedding music for this was awesome!

 Pa putting away his fishing and joining his girl to walk down the aisle.

BayLea brought the dog, Ellie-Way, off the boat...she's a girl, and had to come over with the girls. She hands her off to Breccan here shortly.

Part 3 next.

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