Sunday, November 24, 2013


 Had some fog this morning. Made BayLea go out in it…not happily.

 The Bay made a cake!
A new game we played called Tenzi. Fast paced and quick!

 Bay in PE. PE is much more fun than it was when I was in elementary school…all I remember us doing is playing basketball (which I hated), kick ball (which I hated), dodgeball (which I hated). I'm so glad that PE is more fun now, although I know both of my kids would like all of the above mentioned activities that their mom hated.
 Turkey gravy lunch at school. Always a favorite.
We had Wendi Silvano come visit our school this week. She came to my classroom two years ago, when BayLea was in 2nd. I have a picture of her with Wendi, and so I had to have one of Breccan too! 

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