Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 For BayLea's Halloween party at school, we made Witch Hat Cookies. She helped me, which made it more fun!
 I am a Minion from Despicable Me.
The Reading Room Teachers.
 Ah, this girl...so danged cute!

 Breccan couldn't wear his bloody, gory werewolf costume to school, so we made him a smarty pants for school.
 Every Halloween, the PE teachers have a Haunted Gym...which is just basically a bunch of fun movement activities. The kids have been talking about it for weeks, knowing that it was happening soon. I happened to be there for PE this day and got to snap a couple pictures of Breccan. Here he is shadow dancing.

 Here is the "Gru" (Mrs. Nofzinger) and the staff that dressed as her minions.

 Getting ready to go trick or treating!

 And here is Breccan's costume...
 So scary and gory. Isn't he the cutest little werewolf ever?

I believe that Jery is the Werewolf's keeper...and that is why there scars on his head...from the werewolf's claws! LOL

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