Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Part 1

Well, as usual I took too many pictures...So here goes!
 Breccan made crafts at his Christmas party in 2nd grade. I didn't get to go into BayLea's room because they were making gifts and the teacher wouldn't let us in.

 One night Daddy came home from work, and after consulting with me, pulled the kids out of bed, and we went to Dairy Queen and went to look at lights! Fun memories for them.

 Christmas Eve and we made it to Church. We went to Vineyards Church as it had a service that best fit into our schedule for the day. BayLea was so excited by how large the church was and how many people. Breccan actually listened to the sermon! And as a wonderful bonus, we got to see Susan Rowland sing...and she sang so beautiful! Stole the show!

 Later that night, we opened our Christmas Eve gifts...a game, which we played later that evening...

 ...and of course Christmas jams. I hope they will wear them at least a couple times!

 For Christmas Eve dinner, we had shrimp, twice baked mashed potatoes, and asparagus with cheese sauce. Oh, and the yummy bread they like!

 Cookies for Santa.
And up bright and early Christmas morning. I think it was 6:00 a.m., so not too terribly early!

 The best wrapping job of the day...Jery's wrapped present for was still in the bag, and rolled up about 10 times, ends open. LOL!

 My GAWD. Could someone let Santa know they don't need this much crap!?
Peek-a-boo! A super cute lamp for BayLea Rose.

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