Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Part 2

Christmas Day we drove to Denver. We had a great time with the family. We opened presents when we first got there, had some dinner, and hung out.
 Breccan got fishing lures from Uncle Josh and Aunt Dianna.

 Bay got slipper from them!

 Mimi and Pa gave them each $100 bill. They love love love money.

 Uncle Jason likes to wear red ribbons in his hair.
 Mean ol' skateboarders.
 Love these boys.
 I think BayLea won the "Who can grab the most candy from the piƱata' award.

 "What's up, Gurl?"

 And then there are these two 'normal' girls.

 I don't remember what Josh was doing here, but it was hilarious!
 The girls.
 The one and only picture of me this Christmas, and I took it myself.
 Josh, the Broncos craze-fan.
 Jammie time!
 My handsome little dude in his leather coat and newsboy hat.
 Mimi wanted pictures of everyone and she got us all hats to wear.

 Taylor Shae, graduating this year and off to Oklahoma State University next year.

 Then Josh and Dianna had us do a scavenger hunt. One of the tasks was to wash dishes at a restaurant. No one knew a place to go except to the bar that Jason and Josh hang out at.
 We had to have three jokes told to us by strangers.
 And we had to get a disposable toilet seat cover.

Very fun Christmas.

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