Monday, March 24, 2014

More stuff!

 BayLea's choir had a performance. They performed with a group from Colorado Mesa University called Tone It Up. It was really fun to listen to them together.

 Soccer begins far this season, it has been freezing, and more freezing.

 They've been doing some really neat things in 4th grade. They made arrowheads out of glass pieces to learn how long it would take to make an arrowhead.

 They also ground corn, and then later on ate corn tortillas from their corn. BayLea said it was "DISGUSTING".
 Working with Mr. Ventling on her arrowhead.
 Breccan learning how to determine the important pieces of information in a non-fiction article about dragonflies. He retained a ton of info from this activity.
 And I just really love this picture. He looks so hard at work. Plus, I just like the edit on it! LOL
 BayLea comes so close so many times to scoring goals. One of these days!
 Breccan had two goals at this game.
 Our first freezing day of soccer games. WIND galore. It was awful.
It was hard to even wrap the blanket around us, it was blowing so hard.

BUT the next week was even colder. We froze our butts, plus it began to sprinkle, so it was cold and we were wet.
 Breccan made me go with him so he could take my picture. He wanted me in a dress...that wasn't happening! LOL But he did a pretty good job. We had to crop a little bit in some of them, but I think he did a really nice job. Plus I hardly ever have any pictures of me. So I'm happy to have a few!

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