Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break 2014 Part 3---Sarasota Area

After spending time in Homosassa, our next visit was to the Sarasota area, Lido Key to be exact. Unfortunately, this part of the trip wasn't too exciting because the weather was cold, and even had some tornado warnings. We spent most of Saturday in the hotel room.

The first part of this blog post are photos from my phone. The last part my real camera and my point and shoot camera. So this is a little out of order.
 So this is one of BayLea's many talents. She had everyone amazed, including two waitresses and little family sitting near us.
 This was the beach outside our hotel, The Sandcastle Hotel. The beach was beautiful, with soft, white sand. Too bad it was cold.

 A fun camera app on my phone does these.

 Snapped this as we drove by it.
 This one is while we waited for the airboat ride at Myakka State Park to see the crocodiles.
 These are from my real camera, just arriving on the beach after our check in at our hotel. Like I said, the sand was so nice!

 They tried to play in the ocean, but it was just too cold. I think this was the only time they got in the water on our entire vacation.

 The pool is really where they wanted to hang out. And this pool in Sarasota was really nice because it was heated.

 We went on Saturday to Siesta Key, as we had heard all about this beach. I twas also beautiful, and HUGE! The sand here was even finer, and softer than on Lido Key, and that sand was beautiful!

 However, it was also cold here, and began to rain before we got off the beach and into the car. The sand was a royal pain to get off too, because of it's very fine texture.

 They tried to get in the water here...didn't last long!

The Myakka State Park was beautiful too. I loved all the trees; it felt so old time Georgia!

 We got up and close to the crocodiles. We learned that:

1. Crocodiles have a brain the size of an adult's thumbnail (holy heck!).

2. They have a very intricate process of laying their eggs in their nests...they build a hole, lay a bunch of eggs, cover that layer up with leaves and mud, lay more, cover, lay more, cover, etc. etc.  I don't remember how many layers, but a lot. The only ones that are born male are the eggs at the top of the layers.

3. Their teeth are hollow and they lose them frequently. More grow in as needed.

Goodbye Sarasota, we are on our way to St. Pete Beach!

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