Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Break Part 7...AAARRG! It's a Pirate's Life

 We really had a fun time on the pirate ship ride. Both of the kids had a blast, even my shy girl. She was super involved in everything they did! I was so happy!

 Free drinks...Breccan took advantage of the pop!

 When they got on the boat, they got little guns, which were soon traded for water guns that never seemed to empty! LOL They sprayed everyone for a while!

 Pretty soon the pirates brought out the big guns! LOL

 This guy was hilarious! There was a young teen on the boat who was taking selfies and he yells in a pirate voice "Pirates don't have cell phones!" and proceeded to take the phone and took about 50 pictures of himself, his feet, other peoples was hilarious! The girls was about to die laughing.
 He was funny!

 Pirate limbo.

 Handing out their certified pirate certificates!

 Afterwards, the sunset was GORGEOUS! We had to stop on the beach and take a photo or two.

 The next morning BayLea and I took a walk on the beach. We had to leave later today.

Before we flew out, we had to find the Buc's stadium for Jery and take  picture.

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