Monday, June 30, 2014

We've Been Busy!

 Three on Three soccer started. It has been fun for Breccan, but poor BayLea's group...same story/different day. They are playing against all United girls...girls who've been playing competitively for years. And then there's the poor little Manatees, who've always struggled trying to win any game, ever, playing against them, losing about 20-2 and more every game. Oh, well, even though BayLea is really starting to get discouraged, and disgusted, she is learning about the woes of sports. However, BayLea did make it on a competitive team for soccer and will be learning a lot this coming year. I'm excited to see it. Breccan, too, will be playing more competitively, on the WSSL team, which will do a little traveling to play, but more importantly, have a real coach. I'm excited to see both of them grow in soccer.

 Pretty colors outside on this night. However, the bugs were getting them, and one needed to use the bathroom NOW!!!
 Playing with sparklers.

 And painting plates.

 BayLea and I joined in on a group hike. Holy cow, I am out of shape. It didn't help that our leader took off on a VERY quick walk, and we both huffed and puffed through most of it. Well, I huffed and puffed. Bay did okay...she is in MUCH better shape than me. But it was long for her too. It didn't help that it was so early, plus, she woke up in the middle of the night with a super bad bloody nose. So sleep was interrupted too.

Anyway, it was called Holy Cross trail. It had Holy Buckets too!

 And Bay's shoes were fairly new and began to rub blisters. So Rochelle suggested taking off her shoes for the last part. She said she would walk barefoot too!

 And finally, we made it! It really was beautiful!

 We took our camper up to Blue Mesa and the cabin to park it in anticipation of the 4th of July festivities. Most of my family will be heading up to the cabin, and we decided that we wanted to have a place to go when we want to go to bed, and not have to wait until the crazies in my family decide to go to sleep. We are the boring members of the family these days!  On the way, we stopped at the Museum of the Mountain West because BayLea loved it so much during a school field trip. We definitely learned more this time than that time...some of it not really appropriate for young ears!

 The kids loved the school house.

And the Thunder Pots they used back in the day! LOL My grandma Fowler had a thunder pot under her bed in her bedrooms when I was growing up. It was just the insert part, though.

I learned this time around, how many artifacts are found in old outhouse holes. Apparently, an outhouse was also the dump!

 Look! They do love each other!!!! They do!
 I played Master Mind with Breccan. I finally got it but I think it took pretty much all ten tries.
 Mom and dad were in Denver but we decided to try our hand with taking the boat out. It was interesting, but ended up being okay. The kids are learning the basics of helping out.

 Breccan caught our ROPE!!! LOL

 Family pictures. I always take one. But for some reason I had the camera so far away from where we were taking the pictures, using a zoom, that it took forever for me to run all that way in time for the shutter. So Breccan did it...he runs much faster than me. The above one is his.
 Then BayLea wanted to take one too. However, just as she got there, in time, she slipped. It was funny!
 Another, much shorter, much quicker, hike.

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