Monday, March 9, 2015

End of February and Beginning of March

 Now that Mimi is home we had to have Christmas. So we had Christmas in February!

 Camilla came to visit and I had to take a few pictures of that cute little babe!

 BayLea is part of Student Council this year and one of their fundraisers was to raise money for Aubrie, a baby born with heart defects. We had a ROAR rally and part of the rally was to present a check to Aubrie's mom. This is the poster that BayLea helped to make.
 AND...she was honored during that ROAR rally for Ownership of her learning and her future. I can't tell you how proud I was of this hard working girl.

 Soccer has begun. However, our time for practice is at 6:15, and so this week, prior to time-change, we practiced at 5:45 until dark. As you can see, the full moon came up and it was a beautiful DARK night for practice.
 Dr. Suess celebrations always happen at our school. BayLea is dressed wacky.

 And Breccan's class has a great time celebrating too.
 BayLea was also inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society. We were very proud!

 Getting her pin!

And Mimi and Pa were able to be there to watch the induction ceremony. Yay!

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