Tuesday, March 31, 2015

National Honor Society and Photos in the Peach Blossoms

Our Bay-girl was chosen to be part of the Lincoln Orchard Mesa Elementary's first National Honor Society! We are so proud of this little girl and how hard she works!

 Mimi and Pa were able to come, which was a gift!

 I haven't taken good portraits of my kids in a while, and even then I couldn't get Breccan to pose for me. He was more interested in TAKING the photos! :) So he had his camera, and I had mine, and we took pictures of BayLea, and another little girl who was there with us, a photographer friend's daughter.

 I did get these of them together, but that was all of Breccan. I do love these though!

 BayLea used my camera and she did get these of the Boo-Bear. <3 p="">

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