Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Birthday, Easter, Soccer, Music, Running, Cotton Candy, Wedding

 Apparently I had a birthday, the same weekend as Easter, so the kids dyed Easter Eggs and we celebrated my birthday on Saturday. I guess I'm close to being 'old' as it's always been a joke that 'old' is considered 50 in my family.

 Here is my birthday cake that the Bay and Mimi made for me!
 Easter morning began early, but both kids crowd into bed with us, and they both fell back asleep for a while. So we got up around 8:00 to hunt for eggs.
 BayLea and Mimi making dessert for Easter dinner.
 And I thought we all looked like Easter, so we snapped a picture! I love this picture!
 Soccer, cold season soccer! LOL Actually most of the games have been fairly warm, but the practices....OMG! Can you say BRRRRRRR!!! Breccan decided to play soccer again, but down on the Rec team, which has been a better fit. He's an excellent soccer player, but kids his age shouldn't have to eat, breath and live soccer, which is what the WSSL team was last year. He is playing a lot, playing offense almost all the time while on the field, and having so much more fun!
 And BayLea is having fun too. And she is doing really well. She scored two times in the last game! Auntie Jill and Uncle Scott and Lacey got to see that! Yay!
 The school has been gearing up for the ROARing to Run 5K, and so in PE they run. I love this picture of how the boy behind is doing his best to beat BayLea.
 Pa came to sing and make cotton candy for my kid's classrooms. We planned it early this year, as they may not be here the end of the school year, as their hope is to head to Mexico.
 Both BayLea and Breccan got to make some of the cotton candy...they've never done that, so that was fun.
 BayLea, shyly introducing her Mimi and Pa.

 Breccan's 3rd grade program. He looked SO handsome!

 I truly love this photo of him. I love the look on his adorable face.

 Jerod and Heather got married at Ridgeway State Park. It was a beautiful wedding.

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