Monday, June 8, 2015

End of School Days..May 2015

 I can't believe this little beauty is finished with 5th grade. She has done very well in school at Lincoln OM, and I cannot express how proud we are of her. Not only does she do very well academically, but she is also a kind person to everyone, and her teachers have all loved her.
 Proud Daddy.
 Proud Mama.
 Mimi and Pa came to the 5th grade Celebration/Graduation. It was a beautiful night. We were afraid it would be windy, but we got lucky. We at dinner out on the lawn first, and then went inside for the ceremony.
 BayLea was blessed with a fantastic 5th grade teacher, who loved Bay and who BayLea loved with all her heart. This lady helped bring out confidence in my girl, and she helped to lesson the anxiety that Bay sometimes feels about things.

 Another parent and I were in charge of creating this celebration. I think it was a success and the parents all commented on how much they loved it. We had a speech by BayLea's teacher first, and then the teachers handed out certificates. After that, I had created a slide show that showcased each class. It was awesome!
 Field day 2015. I had to work a station and didn't get to take any pictures of my kids involved in anything, except for this one of Breccan. This is a favorite station...the water rocket station.

 Honor Society and Student Council went to the Special Olympics to support, and assist where needed, the students who were involved. When I got there, the kids had just been invited to play a little and so I got to snap some photos!

 Soccer came to a close this year with BayLea playing in a tournament in Durango. They took 3rd out of four teams in their bracket. So they were happy! They played some tough teams, and VERY ROUGH teams. It was interesting to see how other soccer organizations allow their players to behave...much different than ours. We saw coaches screaming at their players from the side lines, BayLea saw a coach from the other team give high fives to his girls based on how many fouls were called on them, and we saw girls grabbing our girl's uniforms and attempting to yank them to the ground. It was an eye opening experience. So glad that BayLea plays for Fire FC, who only condones positive behavior and sportsmanships, and hires coaches who treat the kids with kindness.

 It was Mother's Day, so the girls each had a flower to bring to their mom after the last game. Love that girl. I was sad to not be with Breccan on Mother's Day, but he had his last games that weekend as well, and he stayed home with Daddy to play them.
 And now it is the last day of school. Cannot believe that it is over. I have a feeling that I am really going to miss having BayLea at my school next year, but I am excited for her next chapter in life!
 Breccan with Mrs. Rudolph.
 BayLea and Ms. Kahler.
And a collage of her all with her teachers, with the exception of her first grade teacher, the fantastic Mrs. Pearson, who has retired, and was not in town. I have a feeling that if her daughter hadn't have been getting married that weekend in Denver, she would have been she has MANY MANY students who would have loved to have seen her.

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