Sunday, November 22, 2015

Basketball, Soccer Party, Mockingjay,

 We never have a weekend off. She went directly from playing soccer to playing basketball and next will be volleyball. I was a bit SHOCKED at the price of volleyball. Over $500!!!!! For ONE season! We pay $430 for two seasons of soccer for her...guess whoever is running the volleyball wants a big fancy house! But I can see her as a volleyball player, so I guess we will put her in.
 Bay is a defensive player for sure. She can anticipate and steal the ball and i love that she can dribble. That was something I never could do; it usually went off my foot. And when the opposing team has the ball, she is all over them like butter on toast! She just needs to learn to not reach at them...she had a couple fouls yesterday.

 Last weekend was the soccer party for the United Fire team. They exchanged gifts, and did it white elephant style. This proved to be very hard for someone of the girls, who didn't want their gift taken, and some who very obviously didn't like their gift they ended up with. BayLea was neither of those girls. She got a gift that she liked, and it got stolen, and she ended up with another gift of lotions (which she is NOT a fan of) and some body mist and candles. She doesn't mind the candles and mist, but lotion is not something she likes. BUT you couldn't tell by looking at her. Very few of the girls smiled and acted happy with the gift they received. I was quite appalled by it.
BayLea and I found these cute soccer ball ornaments at Hobby Lobby, so we bought enough to give to each girl. We decorated it with a ribbons and a cute tag. (I learned how to make a cute little bow by using a serving fork!).
 Big honor this month...Mrs. Spomer, BayLea's Literacy teacher, nominated her as Student of the Month. We got to go to breakfast at the CRACK OF DAWN (6:45) and watch her receive her certificate and hear why she was given this award. Very proud of our girl.

 As a family, we have ALL read the Hunger Games series; Jery and I read them after they were first released, and the kids last summer. I made them finish each book before seeing the movie. We rented each movie as they finished the book, and had watched through the first part of Mockingjay, the last book of the series. For the movie, they did two parts of Mockingjay, Part 1 and Part 2. I told the kids that if they had a marathon at the theater, we would ditch school and go. Well they only were showing Mockingjay part 1 and part 2 at the theater and not all four movies. So, we stayed home anyway, and watched the first two movies at home, and then went to the theater to see the last two. It was a movie marathon, and by the end my BUTT WAS NUMB. But it was awesome. I think the kids will remember it always.

They DEVOURED these books, and another series called Divergent. They compared and contrasted the two books, and placed main characters of Hunger Games into the factions of Divergent. I know their engagement and comprehension of these two stories were deep, and a movie day for a reward was well worth the missed day of school.

 Waiting in line outside. We didn't need to get there as early as we did, but it was fun anyway. And because we were part of the first 100, we got a cool Mockingjay pin.
 I was so glad I snapped this picture as we went in the theater because when we came out, there was another poster...a Finding Dory poster.

 These veteran's day photos should have been up towards the middle of this post, but oh well. Our school celebrates Veteran's Day with a big breakfast, of which all the vets are invited. The Student Council helps to serve the meals. Breccan was on juice patrol.

And then we had a very lovely service outside, where they retired our old flag and gave us a beautiful new one.

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