Thursday, November 12, 2015

October 2015

 Can't believe the boy turned 10 this month. Such a handsome, sweet, caring boy. Love him very much!

He had a Star Wars themed birthday. I'll post pictures of his Star Wars Stuff later.

 We had the party at Get Air, where they could jump to their hearts delight. And then one friend spent the night with him. It was his year for a sleepover party, but he really only wanted one friend. That's best for me too, because sleepovers are EXHAUSTING!!!
 The kids did a 3 hour camp at CMU with the girls basketball team. At first, Breccan was a little apprehensive, since it was the girls team giving it instead of the boys team, but they both ended up having fun.

 And they got their shirts signed afterwards. We're excited to go watch them play this year again. First game, day after Thanksgiving. Part of the camp included a free ticket for both kids for the first game.
 We camped Goblin Valley again this year. Gotta have a family photo!
 The stars were BEAUTIFUL! This one is the big dipper!

 Halloween was fun. The Bay went as a candy corn. :) I made the bow. I was super proud of myself for making that bugger!

 These are the treats fro Breccan's classroom party. Oreo eyeballs.
 Breccan was Darth Vadar.
 Because we're crazy, (or maybe that's just me) we decided to have a Halloween party for the kids. We had a blast, and Jery and I worked our TAILS off getting it ready. It won't happen again! :) Actually, we may do another party some day, but it won't be as big, nor have as much stuff to do.

We started with a donut eating contest. The donuts hung from strings, and we wiggled the bar so they weren't just hanging there!

 We also had a touchy feely activity, where they had to feel inside the box and guess what food it was. We had things like 'worms and coffin dust', 'brains and eyeballs'. It was great fun, watching their faces. There was so much fun stuff from the party, I'll have to do a separate post.

 Check out their faces!!!!
This is Breccan trying to figure out what the worms and coffin dust was. :)
This was called "Face the Cookie". They had to put a cookie on their forehead and using ONLY face muscles, get the cooking into their mouth! 

 The group photo after the jello eating contest! Like I said, I will have to do a separate post with just the Halloween party photos!

 Soccer...I love being a soccer mom. I love to watch them play!
 Miss Kahler, Bay's 5th grade teacher came to a game for a short time. She just BARELY missed watching BayLea make two goals.
 Jerod and Heather's baby, Kyler.
Walk to School Day at LOM. Because we live too far for Breccan to walk, and because I had to be there to work at the school as the kids got there, we dropped Breccan off at his friend Logan's house. They walked (or scootered) from there.

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