Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Minecraft 8 Year Old Birthday Party!

The kid loves Minecraft, but there just aren't things out there yet for this type of party. So we made some!
 We started out at Bananas again this year. It was fairly cheap this time because we didn't buy a package and Friday nights are $20 per person for unlimited package. So that was fun. They all had so much fun!

 Tickets galore!

 We used table cloths and made the big minecraft face.

 A friend made the cake...she's made all our cakes lately (for a small fee!)

 A friend actually found a Minecraft poster!
BayLea got him (I paid!) a game for the wii, which he loved.
They love each other, they really do!

We got him a Minecraft jacket, which was WAY too large. I accidentally ordered a medium adult, instead of medium kids.
The Bay in the coat.
Cotton candy! Always a fun sugar rush!

Bobbing for apples was a HUGE hit...surprisingly.

The girls had to had girl water...so we had to change it.

And then we painted Minecraft Creepers on plates, and then I baked them so that they would hopefully be dishwasher safe.
That was a last minute decision...at 2:00 on party I was out shopping for plates and paint!

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