Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Smattering of Pictures from the last few weeks.

I haven't taken many pictures this last few weeks. But here is what I do have!
I love this picture of BayLea!

 SCORE number THREE!!!! It seems like now that she knows she can do it, she does it!!! She has scored 5 goals in the last two games! Good girl, BayLea Rose!
 Love this look of intensity on his face! I wish he would score this year. I think it'd help with his attitude. He's a great soccer player, but has been a bit lazy this year.

 BayLea's team asked me to take their pictures. This is the Memory Mate I made for her team.

 Breccan wanted to go to the skate park. It was cold!
 Beautiful Mt. Garfield.
 Breccan, my cutie patootie.

 The last few years at school I have had to use a student desk for my desk. This year, my dad found a desk that was my grandma's desk in his shed. We repainted it this weekend in cool colors that match my bulletin board. Very excited about the finished product!

 We watched Space Jam last night about basketball between Michael Jordan and the Bugs Bunny cartoon characters. Now the kids are all into basketball! Breccan had his basketball out last night right after the movie and was bounce, bounce, bouncing the basketball around the kitchen. And this morning at 9:00 I was out there with him trying to set the basketball pole up in the drive way!

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